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Whether it’s on a printed product, a promotional item, or represented in any number of other ways, your brand is the most important asset you have and presenting it perfectly can be challenging.

Tell us what yours is, and we promise you this:

  • You’ll love working with us

  • You’ll love the results

  • You’ll come back again - 99.3% of our clients do

“We will always do it right, or we will make it right."

 - Abe Joseph, CEO

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Clients often want to know what makes us different, and we always tell them the same thing. No one else does things The Abe Joseph Way. Abe built the business from the ground up by doing everything personally. Everything. But as the head of a global organization, that’s not always possible. But we do everything The Abe Joseph Way, and Abe’s hand is in all we do. The Abe Joseph Way is our guideline and your assurance that regardless of who picks up the phone, or assists in any part of the solution we create for you, it will be done The Abe Joseph Way.


  • Never say “No”

  • If it isn’t right, make it right

  • Always be thinking of what the client needs before they ask

  • Always give the honest answer

  • Never settle for a good job – our clients deserve a great job

  • Never let profit or loss keep you from meeting our clients’ expectations

  • Treat every assignment like the most important assignment we ever had

  • Treat every client like the most important client we ever had

  • Never forget that J&J is a family, both employees AND clients

  • Accept personal responsibility for every aspect of every assignment

“They’re great. If they mess up, they take responsibility no questions asked and fix it.
I have never experienced that anywhere else.


- L.Taub, Centers Health Care


“His art department is good and he has great overseas sources. He’ll do whatever it takes to deliver on time, even if it costs him money.  He goes overboard to get the job done and that’s killer in my book.”


- B.Colon, BioReference Laboratories



From a million pieces to just one, every sheet we print is handled the exact same way – The Abe Joseph Way – so our clients know that their job will be perfect, on time, and on budget.

You have problems; we have solutions. Let J&J Solutions be your problem solvers.

“They always accommodate your request. No matter how tough it is they will figure it out, and come back with a creative solution. They will always help you out.”

 - K. Patel, Pharmscript


For our clients, it’s problem solving. For us, it’s just another day, because creating client solutions is what we do and we’ve done it so often that we have a pool of unmatched global resources.


Sometimes making the product is a lot easier than getting it where it needs to go. So, we maintain worldwide shipping connections that can deliver anything, whenever and wherever it’s needed. If the delivery calls for a plane, a train, a ship or a truck, we have it.  Once a client needed a proof, but he was visiting the Grand Canyon. At the bottom. So, we delivered the proof via mule.


China, India, Mexico, or Brooklyn: we go wherever we can guarantee
the best combination of price, quality and timing for our clients, and we have long-established resources everywhere.


The first pillar of The Abe Joseph Way is Never Say No. So, when you have a problem, call us. If we aren’t the right place to turn, we’ll direct you to someone else. But chances are, we can help, especially in our core lines
of business.


When you need to send a lot of people home with your company’s brand name in their pocket, call us. Why? Because first, you’ll get a product that people actually want to take home and use. Second, you’ll make one call and the job will be done. No hassles, no worries. Third, you’ll get the kind of service you deserve and the goods will be where you want them, when you want them, at the best price in the market.



When you don’t want to hand out the same thing your competitor handed out last month, call us. Got an idea? We’ll source it, and get it made. Need an idea? Even better. Just tell us who your audience is and what you want to achieve. Our creative team will develop custom-branded merchandise that will have people oohing and ahhing.



When printing became a commodity, quality and service took a back seat. But there’s no “back seat” when you’re doing things The Abe Joseph Way. You just need to work harder. So, we’ve sourced and QC’d competitive printing resources all around the world. We aren’t limited to one shift, one printing press, one company or even one continent. There’s no need to sacrifice superior quality and service to get commodity pricing. Just call us.



One hundred pieces or one hundred thousand, when your brand goes on press it should look better than perfect. And it will, when you call us. Specialty papers, four, five, six, eight colors, multiple varnishes and finishes, expert bindery, die-cutting and embossing, and making an impression. That’s printing The Abe Joseph Way. Call us, and talk to someone who knows the difference between fine printing and just putting ink on paper.



Many clients have had to deal with being been forced to buy inefficient quantities of frequently needed items because they deal with multiple facilities all using similar items but at different rates. So, we stepped up to offer balanced bulk buying so they wouldn’t have to sacrifice bulk pricing for quantity control. With our state-of-the art warehouse operation, we can facilitate bulk purchase and storage, then every quarter we pack and ship facility-specific pre-determined quantities to all of your locations. Think of the time and money you’ll save when we purchase an entire year’s worth of the items you use most, store them in our warehouse at no cost, add custom location branding and auto-ship to your locations every quarter, like clock-work.

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“They have an excellent support staff. They are on it right away. Their back-end office and design team are great. I get a lot of support.”

- J. Rossman, IDT




Some of our valued clients.


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ABE JOSEPH, President

We call him the President because, well, it’s his company and that’s his title. But there are a lot more accurate descriptions. Founder for example. Or creative planner. Or teacher. Engineer. Business strategist. Operations manager. Coach. Cheerleader. And author. That’s right, author. Because without realizing it, but rather through his unwavering example, Abe has authored The Abe Joseph Way, the very foundation of how J&J Solutions operates, the reason why our clients remain satisfied and loyal, and the reason for our success.

GOLDY JOSEPH, Vice President, Controller

People in the accounting department are often the unsung heroes behind a good success story. Like ours. While most clients never get to meet Goldy, they all benefit from her watchful eye over job costs. We want Goldy watching over our finances, and you definitely want her watching over yours.

DAVID JOSEPH, Sales Manager

With the last name of Joseph, you might think David has a family connection. Well, he does. But it’s his A-to-Z management style that makes him indispensable to our team and one of the best customer service teachers you could ever hope for. David takes every job personally from start to finish, in every detail, even it means getting on his bicycle to deliver a proof. You could say, he is the epitome of doing things The Abe Joseph Way.



ZEE, JUST ZEE. Office Manager

Let’s face it, one reason we all do things The Abe Joseph Way is because you never know when Abe Joseph is going to step into the middle of your project. The guy is everywhere. And Zee is the one who keeps Abe on task, along with doing about a million other things that help keep J&J Solutions operating like a well-oiled machine.



ELI GEWIRTZMAN, Special Assistant to ABE, Project Director

You may not have met Eli, but you know him. Most companies have their own version of Eli. You know, the guy whose role is so expansive that you can ask him to do almost anything. And you do, because once you ask, you can bank on the task being done, on time, on budget, and most of all, done right. In other words, The Abe Joseph Way. Even when he’s off in the woods camping, Eli maintains two hot spots – his campfire and the one his laptop is connected to, so he’s never out of the loop.



DASSA BEER, Senior Account Executive, Client Relations Manager

People think Abe is the driving force behind the story of J&J’s growth. And he is. But without Dassa, it would be a somewhat different story. Dassa is driven, and very assertive, and she gets the job done no matter what. So, if Dassa asks you for artwork by a certain date, save yourself a lot of trouble and just give it to her. Because as much as anyone in this business, Dassa knows exactly what’s required to meet the needs of every job, for every client, every time.

TOVA DORFMAN, Graphic Designer

“Is it ready yet” and “Can you turn this around during lunch” or that old favorite, “Can you take a break from that and quick do this one thing” are phrases that never unnerve Tova, no matter how many times she hears them. Having at least one “Zen” person on the team is important when you’re doing everything The Abe Joseph Way.


We didn’t have to go all the way to South Africa to find a world-class bookkeeper, but we liked the accent a lot. Rivki is laid back, smart, keenly interested in everything that goes on here, and one of the most capable people you’ll ever meet. Not to mention eager and enthusiastic. She has that “Put me in coach” attitude, and she’s smart enough to play any position. When the books are done, Rivki is taking on a host of other projects, pitching in on client service, following up with manufacturer’s and generally making herself the kind of team member that everyone likes to work with. You will too.

NICHOLE BRADLEY, Logistics Coordinator

Ever wonder how thousands of products from all over the world, get to hundreds of locations all over the world, always on time, always in the right place, no matter the hurdles of distance, weather, labor unrest, natural disasters and a host of other complications? Yeah, we wonder that sometimes, too. But Nichole never does.
She arranges local, regional, national and international shipments as easily as you’d drop a letter in the mailbox. Occasionally she even has enough time left over to jump in help the rest of us. Which of course is just doing things The Abe Joseph Way.

MIKE TRANCHINA, Warehouse Manager

Everyone needs a fiery redhead, and he’s ours. It takes a lot to manage tens of thousands of units moving in an out regularly, and in this business, that’s where you want your “fiery” people. The kind who show up early and leave late. The ones who - without ever having to check the paperwork - can tell you that 47,329 pieces are coming in at 2:30 from Port Elizabeth, via tractor trailer, so we need to get the loading dock cleared by 1pm. And do it.

AMANDA GORDON, Warehouse Team

Having a few laughs isn’t really what you could claim to be an employee benefit, but we all benefit from Amanda’s cheerful approach every day. A happy, joking, easygoing team member, she helps ensure that at the last stage of the project, when the final product is being packed and shipped to the client, it all goes smooth.

JOSE TLAPANCO, Shipping and Deliveries

On the road again. That’s Jose. Whether he’s behind the wheel of a forklift or a delivery van, Jose is always “on the road”, moving our clients’ products in, around and out of the warehouse to their designated locations. Delivering the product is usually the final step in any project, and with scores of clients and hundreds of orders successfully delivered every year, Jose puts in lots of hours on the road.


Every client has unique needs that demand our full attention, and every question deserves an accurate and comprehensive answer. In order to be as specific to your needs as possible, please feel free to call us at the following numbers, or submit your request and we will contact you with an answer promptly.

Thanks for submitting!

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